Lempeng Kelapa / peknga Kelapa


Lempeng kelapa is a traditional local pancake commonly found in Malay kampung kitchen. Made out of two basic ingredients – flour and shredded young coconut, it is the simplest and famous breakfast meal you can have.┬áBest to have it dipped with leftovers curry gravy or sambal ikan bilis – my personal choice is fish curry.

This traditional pancake is known as ‘peknga’ in Kedah, where it commonly found.

Cek Mek Molek


These deep-fried delights may have gotten their moniker from their dainty and shapely form as Cek Mek Molek literally means ‘Pretty Lady’ in the east coast dialect.

Sweet potatoes and flour form the batter and sugar syrup is used as the filling.

Kueh Peria


Called Kueh Peria because it is shaped like the bitter gourd or ‘Peria’ in Malay. Similar to Kueh Angku, it has a skin made from rice flour and a filling of sweet green bean paste. A popular delicacy in the East Coast of Malaysia.

Kueh Abok Abok


This cone-shaped kueh is made from sago pearls that are steamed together with Gula Melaka and shredded coconut. Kueh Abok is popular among the Javanese community in Malaysia so it is commonly found in the southern state of Johor.