Popia are basically the Malaysian spring rolls. There are a variation of fillings,  from the usual sengkuang ( jicama ), carrots and bean sprouts to the more uncommon curried potatoes. Most popia come with a small sachet of chilli sauce as this is how most Malaysians eat them, by dipping the roll into the sauce before taking a bite.

Cucur Kacang Hijau @ Kueh Rengas @ Kueh Kasturi


Cucur Kacang Hijau is a fried fritter filled with Mung Bean paste. Mung beans have to be soaked for hours to soften them up. The sweet filling is a mixture of mung beans, sugar and coconut, covered with the usual flour batter and then fried to crisp perfection. You can usually see them being fried on-site at streetside stalls across Malaysia. These delicious fried snacks are best enjoyed in the late afternoon.

Kueh Sago


Kueh Sago is one the easiest kueh to make. Sago pearls and sugar are cooked over a low heat until well incorporated and then the mixture is steamed for about 20 minutes or until firm. Garnish with shredded coconut just before serving. Food colouring is usually added to the sago mixture to give it a more interesting look.

Kueh Dangai


Kueh Dangai is a popular sweet treat in Kedah. To make Kueh Dangai, start by mixing glutinous rice flour with shredded coconut. Then put the mixture in a rectangular pan and cook over low heat until it starts to turn golden brown. Sprinkle some sugar just before you start cooking,  this will create a lovely caramelised surface on top of the kueh.


Literally means messy in the northern dialect, this kueh is as simple as it gets. Made of rice flour and yeast, the batter is kept overnight and grilled on a copper grill pan. Normally eaten with a sweet caramel-like sauce. Interesting fact is this kueh started as a dish served during funerals at Penang, the reason is unclear but it may be due to its easy preparation.

Lempeng Kelapa / peknga Kelapa


Lempeng kelapa is a traditional local pancake commonly found in Malay kampung kitchen. Made out of two basic ingredients Рflour and shredded young coconut, it is the simplest and famous breakfast meal you can have. Best to have it dipped with leftovers curry gravy or sambal ikan bilis Рmy personal choice is fish curry.

This traditional pancake is known as ‘peknga’ in Kedah, where it commonly found.