Apam beras

 Kuih Apam Beras has a spongey texture with a mildly sweet flavour. Made of rice flour and yeast kept overnite. The mixture is then blended into a batter added with food coloring. This batter is poured into small ceramic cups on a hot steamed water.  It usually served with a generous garnish of shredded coconut … Continue reading Apam beras

Lompat Tikam

Lompat Tikang, which twin is the formidable Kelantanese Lopak Tikaey, is not for the faint-hearted. It is a beautiful thing to look at but be aware that there is more to this traditional kueh than meets the eye! It is something that must be taken, like all good things (to eat, especially) in life, in … Continue reading Lompat Tikam

Roti Jala

To make Roti Jala, a flour batter is first poured into a ladle punctured with holes, the ladle is then moved in a circular motion over a hot pan or griddle, resulting in strings of batter falling to the pan, thus forming a ‘net’.The interwoven strings resemble the ‘Jala’, a fishing net used by local … Continue reading Roti Jala

Kueh Lompang

Kueh Lompang is similar to Kueh Kasui but it uses plain sugar instead of palm sugar. Lompang actually means empty or vacant in Malay. Lompang gets its name from the round indentation ( an empty hole ) seen on the top surface of the kueh . To complete the look, shredded coconut is then added … Continue reading Kueh Lompang

Pulut Manis

This east coast kueh is similar to Pulut Panggang as it is also steamed and packed in banana leaves and then grilled. But it has a different shape, has no fillings and has a sweeter flavour. Cloves are added to the sticky rice in the kueh to lend it a spicy and aromatic taste. Continue reading Pulut Manis