Kuih Kochi

A staple kuih usually seen at Malay kenduri and gatherings. Made mainly using glutinous flour and coconut milk with a variety of fillings such as shredded coconut mixed with palm sugar, sticky rice or even pumpkin. To make Kuih Kochi, you form a ball using the dough, fill it with your chosen filling, wrap them … Continue reading Kuih Kochi


Appam is a favorite Indian sweet breakfast here in Malaysia. Appam are essentially fermented rice and coconut- laced pancake (also referred to as hoppers). Unlike their western counterpart, this coconut pancake have a thicker spongey center. Appams are delicately sweet, light ‘n crispy along the edges and fluffy ‘n soft in the center. Made fresh using … Continue reading Appam

Lompat Tikam

Lompat Tikang, which twin is the formidable Kelantanese Lopak Tikaey, is not for the faint-hearted. It is a beautiful thing to look at but be aware that there is more to this traditional kueh than meets the eye! It is something that must be taken, like all good things (to eat, especially) in life, in … Continue reading Lompat Tikam